Talking Sustainability Colloquium Series

SERI is pleased to announce Talking Sustainability, our colloquium series for the year.  Talking Sustainability presents recent, innovative and ongoing research at SERI as an exciting series of lectures, panels, and conversations on environmental sustainability practice and policy in education within Canada and beyond! Talking Sustainability takes place at SERI in Room 1235 of the College of Education (unless otherwise noted) and happens either at lunchtime or late afternoon.

We are also excited to be hosting two visiting scholars from Uppsala University, David Kronlid and Petra Hansson, who arrive this Monday, September 22nd.  Drs. Kronlid and Hansson will be here for two weeks and will be available for meetings for those of you who are interested.  Please contact Marcia to arrange meetings.

Drs. Kronlid and Hansson will also be starting off our Talking Sustainability series with two lectures:

Talking Sustainability 1
Title:  Holistic mobility, well-being, and adaptation to climate change (click here for more information)
Presenter:  Dr. David O. Kronlid
Type:  U of S and JRM Visiting Scholar Lecture
Date and Time:  October 2, 4 - 5 pm
Location: Education Building, Room 1004

Talking Sustainability 2
Title:  Creativity, mobility and environmental education practice
Presenters:  Petra Hansson and Andrew Bieler
Type: Lecture
Date and Time:  October 3, 4 - 5 pm
Location: Education Building, Room 1235 (SERI)