NatureCity Festival: May 25-29, 2015

A Whole Week of Urban Outings, Mini-Adventures & Wildly Good Health!

It’s official! Wild about Saskatoon’s third annual NatureCity Festival will run from Saturday, May 25 to Friday, May 29, 2015.

The NatureCity Festival is a unique made-in-Saskatoon collaboration involving more than 80 local organizations and businesses, all dedicated to celebrating wildlife and wild places right here in the City of Saskatoon. In addition to guided excursions through some of Saskatoon’s most beautiful natural areas, the Festival will also include informative talks, nature-themed concerts, family outings and a varied program for schools.

As a special highlight of this year’s Festival, Wild about Saskatoon is hosting a gala evening on Monday, May 25, with author Dr. Shimi Kang of Vancouver and Cam Collyer of the Evergreen Foundation, Toronto, speaking on the theme of “Healthy by Nature.” These two inspiring speakers are experts on the increasingly well documented connection between human health and access to quality natural surroundings.

The NatureCity Festival is a project of Wild about Saskatoon, an informal collective of volunteers dedicated to conserving and enriching natural and semi- natural areas in our urban landscape. Although still young, the Festival is growing in audience and in influence, with a 25 per cent increase in attendance over its first two years.

We are proud to note that our keynote speaker in 2013, architect Doug Olsen, has been hired by the City and its partners as a consultant to help guide a regional approach to planning. We are encouraged by other recent initiatives taken by the City to protect biodiversity, including the promotion of naturalized parks and the promised development of a biodiversity plan. Our goal is to build support for nature-friendly initiatives, both personal and political. 

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